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V. Fontana & Co. has been in continuous operation since it was founded by Valerio Fontana in April 1921. Located in the historic Fontana Building, it has been operated by the same family in the same two locations for four generations. As the trend seems to be that businesses that are bought and sold accrue the total time of operation over a variety of ownerships, Fontana’s is truly unique in that the same family has an unbroken run of over ten decades of service to San Francisco and the greater Bay Area community.

We have built our reputation on custom fabrication of all types of granite products. We order blocks of granite from quarries around the world and manufacture from these blocks commissioned works. The use of granite and marble in memorial, commercial and residential design has kept its popularity due to the fact that no other material can compete with the unique colors, qualities, and lasting durability.

Since the 1920's, service and customer satisfaction has been the emphasis of our business.

Services we provide include: new monuments, memorial engravings, cleaning and restorations, resurfacing, repair work, commercial works, stone cutting, signs, benches and more.



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