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Clients - Plaques, Monuments & Engraving

Bruce Bosley Memorial Building

National Football League Alumni Building where the players perform charity work for children.


Olympic Club

Add Details hereSpecial dedication plaque honoring an individual's efforts Special dedication plaque honoring an individual's efforts at San Francisco's Olympic Club.

The Baseball Player

The original base, made of sandstone at the turn of the
century, was too badly worn to be refurbished. The next unit
of mahogany granite special carved-raised panel with gold
leaf lettering, completed November, 1998.

25 Van Ness

Fabricated in three 6' lenths of Italian White Marble, the 25 VAN NESS sign is embedded and recessed in the existing sculpted artwork. All lettering has a special dark die application unsurpassed for clarity and durability.

182nd Class San Francisco Police Department

Dedication plaque of green granite with 24 karat gold-leaf lettering, dedicated to the graduation of the 182nd class of the PoliceAcademy.


Holocaust Memorial

This sign is dedicated to the Jewish Holocaust located in San Francisco's Lincoln Park / Palace of Legion of Honors.

Golden Gate Bridge 50th Anniversary

Custom-made dedication plaque of clear grade Dark Diamond Grey Granite, recognizing the 50th birthday of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Thomas J. Cahill - Hall of Justice Plaque

Placed at the San Francisco Hall of Justice using the same granite as the one originally used on the building. 

Golden Gate Park

A fifteen ton natural rock boulder was placed at the Western entrance of San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. Important to maintain a complete natural appearance, a portion of the boulder was machined smoothed and then sand-blasted for a naturally-weatheredappearance. "Golden Gate Park" was then engraved in this area, providing for a natural appearing sign with a clear engraved matte area.

Armenian Commemoration Day

Custom Made Granite Sun Dial

Solid granite sun dial dedicated to the children of San Francisco.

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