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Fontana and Company by John Edmonds
Elio Fontana - A Journey Written in Stone.Pacifica Tribune
VFontana Takes Part in Veterans Day..Trade Publication
Memorial Donated in Honor of Officer...Contra Costa Times
World War II Vets Unveil Their Memorial Novato Advance
Granite Company Honors WWII Vets San Mateo County Times
Memories Cut in Stone The Independent
Stone Shops Are Alive and Well Stone in America
Making the Cut San Mateo Times
Tombstones to Silicon San Francisco Chronicle
Family Follows Well-Carved PathSan Francisco Chronicle
Tough as Granite: Colma's Stone Cutters San Francisco Independent
Stone Cutter Leaves His Mark The San Mateo Times
Not Necessarily Monumental, Yet Business ThrivesDaly City Record
After the Fall MB News
PG&E's New Bay hill Sign a Weighty Issue The San Mateo Times
Catering to Commercial Stone in America
Insight North Millbrae Recorder
V for Versatility at V. Fontana & Co.MB News

Colma Stone Cutting Shop Offers Journey Back in Time San Mateo Times
Fontana: a Name Carved in Granite San Francisco Examiner
A Monumental Project Honors Portola The San MateoTimes
Stonecutting in Computer Age The San Mateo Times
Colma's Fontana Monument Firm Cited for Outstanding Styles Daly City Record
V. Fontana Adds Chairs to Seat of Learning International Trade Publication


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